28 augusti 2008

Great inspiration

Interior design and ‘homie feeling’ from a Dutch home in Sweden, Värmland. A couple that’s not affraid using colours and letting the house renovation take some time.

The house where the school teacher used to live.


The kitchen with unfinished floor and ceiling but still with a ‘homie feeling’. Yellow and (I’m guessing) green ockra.


Examples of Jet’s still life:

They offer to buy me a carpet from Holland. So I am having a hard time deciding how I want it since it is posible to choose colours and size. Life’s tough …

These three are the ones they‘ve got at home.

2 kommentarer:

Älfgärdet sa...

Det gillar jag; att inte vara rädd för färger & att låta renoveringen ta sin tid :). Köket är ju jättecharmigt!

hemant sa...

The interior design of the home gives me homely feeling in Sweden. The house where the teacher lives is surrounded with grass which is good.